Cleaning the Growlveller™ pressurized growler

Cleaning The CO2 Regulator Cap Do not submerge the CO2 regulator cap when cleaning, or use PBW or other chemicals.  A quick rinse of the bottom of can (area contacts beer) is all that is necessary, or better, just wipe with a wet towel. Rinse body, drain upside down.  Do not store with cap on. Ball […]

CO2 Regulator Cap Troubleshooting & Maintenance

expanded diagram of pressurized growler capCraft Master Growlers perform at their best with proper maintenance and care. In the event you ever experience an issue with your pressurized growler’s regulator cap, the below list of troubleshooting tips to get your growler back into shape and ready for its next fill quickly and efficiently! Do not submerge the CO2 regulator cap […]

Using Your Pressurized Growler For The First Time

Pouring a pint of beer from our 128 oz stainless steel pressurized growler.Now that you have your new pressurized growler, you’re probably itching have it filled with your favorite beverage! In order to get you started quickly, we have put together this straightforward guide that will help get your growler ready for it’s first use. Thanks again for your purchase!

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Growler for the First Time

rinsing a Craft Master pressurized growler under warm water after a wash.At the Factory Your Craft Master Growler has been pre-cleaned at the factory with a Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP). If you choose to pre-clean yourself with TSP (as is common in the foodservice industry for new stainless-steel products) follow manufacturer’s recommendations, use a soft terry cloth, rise thoroughly, then dry. Prior to first use We recommend […]

Regulator Cap Instructions

Regolator cap for co2 pressurized growlers. Complete with regulation knob, dial indicator, and saftey tab.Always be safe! Note CO2 cartridges should always be properly stored, and kept away from heat. Always keep cap pointed away from you when charging cap. Always make sure growler is pressure free when taking the cap off the growler, by first slowly pulling the zipper tap on the safety pressure release valve. dfdfdf Quick […]

Growler Care Instructions

washing a pressurized growler under warm water.We think everyone deserves an incredibly fresh pint with every pour, and understand how discouraging it is to discover your beer or beverage has gone flat sooner than it should. It was for this reason that we designed the Craft Master line of pressurized growlers and engineered the components to be easily disassembled for regular […]