Growler Care Instructions

We think everyone deserves an incredibly fresh pint with every pour, and understand how discouraging it is to discover your beer or beverage has gone flat sooner than it should. It was for this reason that we designed the Craft Master line of pressurized growlers and engineered the components to be easily disassembled for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Instructions for cleaning:

rinsing a Craft Master pressurized growler under warm water after a wash.

1. Hand Wash

Hand-wash all components with warm water and a little dish soap

pressurized growler being washed under runing water in a stainless steel sink.

2. Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse thoroughly (because nobody wants to taste soap in their suds)

128 oz pressurized growler air drying on a towel after a thourough cleaning!

3. Air Dry

Allow to air dry completely before reassembly

Follow these basic steps and your Craft Master growler should remain an airtight, bacteria-free home that will keep your beverages happy and safe.

A pressurized growler sitting upside down on a towel for drying.


– If you finish enjoying the contents of your growler but don’t have time to clean right away, try to keep it cold to prevent the growth of bacteria in your unit.

– Air dry components upside down for best results.

– Store clean growlers with their lids off to avoid stagnant air.

– For the occasional deep cleaning, Craft Master offers Powdered Brewery Wash in pre-measured amounts to thoroughly clean and sanitize your growler.

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