Regulator Cap Instructions

Always be safe! Note CO2 cartridges should always be properly stored, and kept away from heat. Always keep cap pointed away from you when charging cap. Always make sure growler is pressure free when taking the cap off the growler, by first slowly pulling the zipper tap on the safety pressure release valve. dfdfdf

exploded diagram of the CO2 regulator cap and beverage tap on Craft Master Growlers pressurized growlers.

Quick Start:

A. Turn (5) Regulator Dial to “off” (don’t over tighten).

B. Insert CO2 cartridge into (2) Cartridge Holder, and screw into (1) Cap. As you tighten you will hear a quick release of a little gas as the cartridge is punctured. This is normal, continue to tighten (gas release will quickly stop). Don’t over tighten. The cap is now charged.

C. Fill growler with beer (or your favorite beverage) and securely attach cap to the growler. Once growler is filled and cap is attached, you are ready to pressurize the growler.

D. Slowly turn (5) regulator dial toward “on” while watching the (6) PSI gauge. 12 PSI is suitable for most beers. (above 15 PSI and beer will pour too fast, adjust by releasing pressure via the (4) zipper tab).

E. Make sure (7) twist lock on the tap is open. This is about 1/2 counterclockwise turn on the upper diamond cut nut directly beneath the tap handle.

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