Pressurized Growlers Worthy Of The Word

A Pressurized Growler Keeps Your Beverages Fresh, Not Flat

Most of us are painfully aware of shelf life when using a regular growler. This is why we created the Craft Master CO2® pressurized growler. Our growlers use food grade CO2 cartridges with our patented regulator cap to pressurize, preserve, and even infuse CO2 into your beverage to maintain carbonation. Each growler is a heavy-duty, bomber grade piece of equipment that would easily withstand years of abuse in the Food Service industry. With its space saving square shape and swivel tap you can easily store & pour beer & beverages right from your refrigerator door. Simply put, every Craft Master CO2® Growler is an elegant piece of equipment that will keep your beverages fresh and last a lifetime.

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Why Choose A Craft Master CO2® Pressurized Growler?

Every aspect of the Craft Master CO2® Growler has been carefully designed for performance and durability. From its strategic shape to its forged stainless steel handle, the Craft Master CO2® Growler has been carefully engineered to meet the needs of even the most discriminating beer drinker.

Swivel Tap

Ultra high quality, spring loaded, and silky smooth. This solid brass tap pours beverages at any angle, just like your favorite brew pub!

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Sight Glass

Intuitive sight glass keeps your liquid level in sight. Solid welded on brass (not bolted) provides a lifetime of durablility.

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A pressurized growler image that depicts each part of the unit including tap, build quality, co2 regulator cap and more.

The CO2 Cap

A rugged, no nonsense CO2 regulator cap made from 100% food safe materials to keep your beverage fresh and carbonated at all times.

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The Handle

Forged for strength and engineered for comfort, the large custom growler handle lets you effortlessly lift and carry your beverages with your entire hand, not just a finger.

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The Growler

Crafted from rugged 304 stainless steel, this double wall vacuum insulated growler is unlike anything else on the market.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

male customer
5 star review
I originally purchase your growler to use for our local craft scene. I loved it, and it was always a huge hit at the brewpubs. I decided these were a perfect company gift for my clients so I've given out three so far. My clients are very impressed and the feedback has been fantastic. If you want a unique gift for a beer lover, this is it!
Chris Neathamer - Vancouver, WA

female customer
5 star review
Just wanted to let you know the the growler arrived and I couldn't be happier...My husband really appreciates the craftsmanship and artistry, and this growler hits both marks. It has been a pleasure to interact with you and your company. Your customer service was beyond compare: helpful, thoughtful, and generous. How sweet of you to throw in the bottle opener. Thank you so much for everything, especially making me look like an awesome gift-giver!
Pamela Thompson - Bizbee AZ