Keg Cap For Pressurized Growlers

SKU: CMG1001


The Keg System Cap transforms any growler in the Craft Master lineup to a full fledged ball lock mini keg! This is hands down the must have accessory for any beer lover with our pressurized growler that owns a home bar or kegerator!

Serve up to 1 gallon of your favorite local brew at home from your own kegerator or bar! Simply fill your Growler (up to 128oz) with your favorite beer, attach the keg system cap to your ball lock draft system and viola` – brewery fresh beer served on tap from home!

Each cap includes ball lock posts for CO2 in and a “beverage out”, an integrated safety valve, a zipper tab to relieve any excess pressure, and PSI gauge! There’s even a dip tube (just like a real keg) to ensure you get every last drop from your growler!

Made from the same high quality food grade components and bomb proof durability you’ve come to expect from our products, each cap is built to provide a lifetime of your favorite draft beers on tap, at home!

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