Euro 21oz IPA Glass

Set of 2
EAN: 0841100100906 SKU: SMG000036


These beautiful 21oz IPA glasses are crafted to deliver exceptional drinking experiences when consuming hop forward beverages like IPA’s, Pale Ales and NEIPA’s. The rippling pedestal bases include nucleation points that evenly aerate your beverage during and after every swig while providing a greatly enhanced sense of balance and mouthfeel. The elegantly tapered bowl punches up the aromatics with just enough curve to keep a long lasting frothy white head. If you truly want to experience hop forward beers as the brewer intended, these are the glasses you need for an IPA experience like never before.

Pair them with a 64oz or 128oz pressurized growler today and quench your 5 o’clock thirst with your friends, at home or on the go!

Additional information

  • Quantity: 2 | 16
  • diameter: 3.38"
  • volume: 21 oz
  • height: 7.75"
  • weight: 9.6 oz
  • width: 3.38"


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