Dual Ball Lock Cap Gas In Liquid Out for Craft Master Growlers


SKU: CMG1001


This cap will make home brewers very happy! If you own a Craft Master Growler without the tap you can now dispense beverages using any ball lock compatible tap system (such as a picnic tap). This also makes oxygen free transfers from your homebrew system easy!  The cap uses standard Ball Lock Keg fittings which makes it universally compatible, easy to customize, and simple to clean! The cap works on all models of Craft Master Growlers (64 oz & 128 oz) and includes an integrated safety valve, zipper tab to regulate pressure, and PSI gauge (1 piece per box). 

As you would expect from Craft Master Growlers, the cap is made from bomber grade, heavy duty, food service quality stainless steel. You asked for it, we deliver!

Additional information

Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 in


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