British Pint Glass 19oz Nonic Style

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SKU: SMG000013


Nothing says “history” in the beer world more than a British style Nonic pint glass. The British pint glass as we know it was invented by Hugo Pick, of Albert Pick & Co way back in 1913 to stave off broken glasses around the world by adding the bulge just below the rim of the glass. The bulge adds strength to the glass and provides a more robust grip by not allowing it to slip as easily from the hand. A visual staple to the sport of beer for a century, every discerning beer lover deserves a set of these historic styled pint glasses to grace their bar! Indulge yourself in a pint of history and order your own set today!

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

153mm / 6.02"

Top Diameter

85mm / 3.34"

Bottom Diameter

65mm / 2.55"




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