16oz Pint Glass

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EAN: 0841100100265 SKU: CM116


Our beautiful 16oz Pint glass is the perfect way to display the gorgeous pour you get from our CO2 pressurized growlers! Unlike many generic pint glasses, our pint glass is crafted to deliver an exact US standard 16oz liquid Pint. This is the defacto standard in the foodservice industry and we offer nothing less than perfection for our beverage enthusiasts! Each Pint glass is beautifully designed and carefully embossed with our signature Craft Master emblem.

Whether you are relaxing with a perfect pint of your favorite beverage, or serving your hand crafted brew to guests, Craft Master pint glasses will add a touch of class to the experience.

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  • Quantity: 1 Glass - $1.49 | 6 Glasses - 7.99