Food Grade CO2 Cartridge

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Food grade CO2 cartridges provide the purest and most healthy experience in all carbonated beverage applications. It is widely known that not all CO2 cartridges are created equal and that as beverage enthusiasts we should never charge our pressurized growlers with cartridges meant for industrial or sporting activities. Non food safe labeled cartridges can contain unhealthy byproducts or contaminates that may alter both the quality of your beverage experience and its safety.

Using food grade CO2 cartridges made from only the purest naturally derived CO2 gas can guarantee the safest and most authentic experience. At over 99.9% pure, Craft Master CO2 cartridges are the healthiest choice for the freshest tasting beer and beverages.

Sold in Color Box of 6 for 16 gram cartridges and box of 10 for 8 gram cartridges and compatible with our 8 and 16 gram CO2 cartridge holder.

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  • Size: 8 gram - non-threaded | 16 gram - non-threaded