Jumbo 24 oz Pilsner Glass

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This jumbo pilsner glass is a true icon in the visual world representation of a large cold beer on a hot summer day! With a massive 24oz capacity, this glass is the perfect choice for those who like to serve, or just plain enjoy a large and refreshing beer. Born from the traditions of German wheat beers, but adapted and transformed by the American Sports Bar, the jumbo pilsner offers a towering presentation that is sure to impress and satisfy your thirsty guests.

The iconic pilsner shape of this glass is designed to funnel the released CO2 to the mouth, creating a refreshing and effervescent beer drinking experience. The jumbo glass, straightens toward the rim, slightly reducing its diameter, to hold a large head for the maximum amount of time, making the beer look constantly fresh and inviting. The heavy base fans out, adding a nice-looking effect and ensuring the glass remains solid and stable on the table.

These jumbo pilsner glasses are designed and built built to last. The rim is hardened to minimize breakage, while the thick, heavy base adds extra strength and stability. And, of course, the jumbo pilsner is 100% lead-free, making it safe for you and your guests to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of crisp, refreshing lagers or rich, malty wheat beers with an orange, this 24 oz jumbo pilsner glass is the perfect choice for any beer lover. So why wait? Order your set of jumbo pilsners today and start enjoying your favorite beers in style!

Additional information

  • height: 9.25"
  • diameter: 3.13"
  • weight: 13.6 oz
  • volume: 24 oz
  • width: 3.13"