Growlveller™ 64oz CO2 Carbonated Growler

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Looking for a light weight pressurized growler that keeps your beverages fresh and carbonated while being eco friendly and portable? Look no further than the new Growlveller™ pressurized growler from Craft Master Growlers! This light weight travel growler is made from 100% food grade 304 stainless just like it’s big brother!

Each eco and travel friendly option comes complete with our patented Craft Master CO2 regulator cap with PSI gauge, regulator, safety valve and zipper tab pressure release. The dispensing system is a standard ball lock adapter with picnic tap for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and customization. As expected, the Growlveller™ works with all standard Craft Master accessories.

Each growler includes:

Additional information

  • Color: Red | Black | Brushed Stainless
  • International Orders: Due to air, freight, and import restrictions, CO2 cartridges do not ship internationally.

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